Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI) Hub

The Interoperability Network Pilot Program (INPP) consisted of the development, implementation, and operation of a Pilot License Plate Interoperability (LPI) Hub for the exchange of account holder license plate information and account holder identification among participating agencies.

The participating agencies were at the time of the pilot:

  • Maryland Transportation Authority
  • North Texas Transportation Authority
  • New Jersey Turnpike Authority
  • Colorado – E-470
  • Florida Turnpike Enterprise
  • Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

This platform allows the identification of vehicle owners circulating on a motorway owned by one of the participating agencies.

As a member of a consortium named Secured Interagency Flow, Egis Projects was one of the firms selected by ATI to operate this interoperability pilot. This platform has been connected to 6 ATI member agencies participating in the INPP during a three month period.

The results obtained were excellent, giving the participating ATI agencies a performance equal to 100% in real time. Egis Projects has been selected as the Preferred Bidder for the launch of the commercial phase of the ATI Hub.