Contact Center Facilities

We deliver a superior customer experience by creating and maintaining a secure, attractive, and efficient environment that conveys convenience, comfort and safety for customers and personnel. With more than 25-years of contact center operations, Egis Management team is aware of the challenges that can affect the entire working atmosphere. The physical layout of the contact center has an immense impact on driving operational performance excellence.

We boost productivity by introducing the most ergonomic furniture and desk options and regularly update the physical environment to reduce monotony. Creating a superior customer experience includes incorporating standing desks, rest lounges, natural lighting, warm colors, and inspiring artwork and posters. Countless studies support people sitting by a window with access to natural daylight, and fresh air improves concentration levels, focus, and morale – consequently resulting in better performance.

Dr. Friedman’s book, “The Best Place to Work” suggests we need to design spaces that provide a sense of refuge, allow a view of the natural world and access to sunlight to create a healthy foundation. He then suggests that we focus on creating spaces that are culturally distinctive and deliver a consistent message.

Egis collaborates with an interior designer to define optimum utilization of the full floor space. To ensure our design is efficient and flexible, we place functions in a logical order following an optimal concept of grouping like activities and work-flows that is conducive to productivity. We also include collaborative workspaces, e.g., recreation, break, library, Zen rooms, to create an atmosphere for bonding.

Egis engineers a modern and aesthetic workspace, meeting the current requirements with consideration for future growth.

Contact Center Design Lessons Learned:

  • Install acoustic ceiling tiles and treatment to the ceiling
  • Use short cubicle panels
  • Purchase amplified headsets
  • Install carpet with sound-absorbing padding
  • Use doors and corridors to separate working area
  • Create a designated area for conversation
  • Place copier in a production area
  • Use vibrant color
  • Install real-time monitors and reader boards
  • Use office plants