Correspondence Management

Today, customers expect to have choices in how they receive their correspondence, and it is not uncommon for a single customer to request more than one method of delivery. Egis delivers a Customer Experience by providing customers with a communication ecosystem with multiple delivery solutions. Our communication ecosystem consists of paper mailing and self-serve channels such as website, SMS, mobile app and chat.

To manage incoming correspondence volumes efficiently, Egis implements solutions to separate work efforts, identifies urgent requests, and distributes for processing, using the latest mail technology combined with our operations experience.

All incoming mail and faxes are opened, time-stamped, digitized, batched and assigned to CSRs for processing. We leverage the job queue capabilities of both the Customer Relation Management and Imagery Systems for incoming correspondence for fulfillment by Customer Service Representatives. Our solution uses intelligent scanning to streamline the scanning process and eliminate the need to scan each document one at a time, improving the efficiency of correspondence handling.

PDF files are linked to the account and stored to ensure complete traceability for evidence. Within the document repository, data and information confidentiality management is guaranteed by extensive controls, ensuring the integrity of the information and avoiding unauthorized record manipulation and access.

Our eServices Platform allows for electronic delivery of communications where consumers have opted to receive content digitally. The suite of services includes email or SMS notification of content that is ready for customers to view, web presentment of the content, delivery of the content via attachments, consent management, signup/verification and electronic payment.

We manage regular bulk outgoing correspondence by using a professional print/mail house solution. This enables our clients to benefit from the economies of scale in the form of higher efficiencies and lower postage costs. Files are transmitted to the print house for digital printing on high-resolution color inkjet presses. All correspondences generated are electronically stored in the document repository, linked to a customer account and tracked in the Customer Relations Management System for future evidence and reporting. Our solution generates an intelligent mail barcode (IMB) for all outgoing mail for processing returned mail and employs several address hygiene methods.

As customer satisfaction is a key business objective, Egis evaluates the quality of our replies to customer correspondence and measure it using a set of attributes such as professionalism; completeness and accuracy; understanding of customer’s concern or question; and customer account verification. Our internal quality auditors independently validate the delivery of our Operations team for an objective assessment of the effectiveness of the business processes involved as well as CSC staff performance. All incoming and outgoing correspondence is reviewable under QA/QC rules to ensure PCI-DSS and PII compliance.