Customer Service Center Operations

‘Bringing Service to Life!’ is what we do – by hiring skilled, motivated people – and then we inspire them to deliver service excellence.

We give our staff something to believe in, something greater than their job that they can work toward. By tapping into their wells of talent, we inspire them to do more, grow with the company, and go beyond where they are in their organizational roles. As a result, there is a heightened sense of project awareness, accountability, and ownership. As we build up our people, they build up our business. This is how we achieve operational success.

Egis offers a holistic solution that has been repeatedly validated and certified in many ways by independent parties and under highly stringent criteria and rules. Our Contact Center Operations have been certified as a “Call Center of Excellence” since 2011 by BenchmarkPortal, an achievement that leads to another – ranking within the Top 25 Contact Centers in North America, after a very rigorous assessment.

Our internal management systems are consistently validated and certified under ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems and ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems. We structure our management systems for long-term stability, performance consistency, and continuous improvement.

These achievements are possible because of the one key element that pulls together our local approach to project delivery and operations: our people.

With more than 25 years of tolling experience around the world, we know that delivering the right operations solutions for a tolling project comes from a clear understanding of our clients’ requirements and their customers’ needs. Therefore, we stay attuned to our clients and their customers through various interactions. Within our North American projects, Egis has proven experience in every activity required to manage a World Class Customer Service Operation.

Egis has over 50 active operation contracts around the world, four of which are valued at more than $2 billion each, with the rest valued on average at $50 million, strong evidence that we are fully capable of operating any project of any value, size or scale.

Our functional architecture lays out our strategy to deliver the customer service business model that will achieve the targeted customer service experience brand. The focus is on our client’s requirements. We establish and implement a wide range of customer contact channels (customer touch points) and a structure of processes to directly support and ensure reliable customer service delivery.