E-Pass and Violation Enforcement Operations – Orlando, Florida

In August 2015 Egis transition employees to manage the E-Pass Customer Service Center and Violations Enforcement Section (VES) Operations.

Egis is responsible for providing over 300 qualified and trained personnel necessary to operate an efficient, responsive, and professional operations. Specifically, we are required to perform the following according to 32 key performance objectives:

  • Service customers and process account maintenance through the E-Pass Service Centers, Phone Center, written correspondence (Email, Mail, and Fax) and the website.
  • Provide all necessary back office activities to support the E-Pass and VES operations, such as transponder order fulfillment
  • Manual image review for collection and enforcement
  • Noticing, issuing of Uniform Traffic Citations, violation enforcement correspondence, support of Toll Enforcement Officers, research for court cases, and representation of E-Pass in defending court cases.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

In the Contact Center (with six phone queues, including a dedicated Spanish queue), we processed a daily average of 3,911 calls (with peak days that can exceed 8,000 calls) with an average 85.56% CSR utilization and 98.55% CSR availability.

Our Project team achieved the Benchmark Portal Center of Excellence in September 2019 for the E-Pass and Violation Enforcement Contact Center.