Transponder Management

Egis has more than 25 years of experience managing internal and external transponder inventories. Based on this experience, we provide a full-featured transponder inventory management program under the direct supervision of our Finance Managers.

We consider transponder units as “controlled assets” and employ a set of procedures that guarantees the security and operational effectiveness of the inventory. Our Finance Team independently conducts a sample test on every new batch of transponders received to check for any defective units. We track the manufacturer warranties on each transponder shipment within the back-office system.

We manage transponder inventory to meet all project requirements and Key Performance Indicators, from receipt to disposal. The physical units are secured where transponder units are dispensed using the first-in-first-out method (FIFO). Our inventory management policies and control procedures track and report inventory levels for different types of transponders that require different types of handling and storage.

We understand that customers can order transponders in person at the Walk-In Centers, through digital means (website, SMS, email or chat) and on the telephone with a CSR or the IVR. Transponder retrieval occurs from the walk-in centers, mail, kiosks, retail, and third-parties associated agencies.

Our asset management consists of the following activities:

  • Transponder Requisition, Replenishment Thresholds, Warranty Management
  • Receive, Test and Scan, Store and Control Transponders
  • Fulfillment requests via walk-in centers, retail, on-line, contact centers kiosk, and third-parties
  • Replacement Management for Lost, Damaged, Stolen, Malfunctioning, and Disposal
  • Track, Manage, Reconcile, Audit and Report Inventory

Egis commits to delivering a successful Transponder Management System and takes full responsibility for any losses related to transponder inventory under our control.