The Egis Walk-In Center Customer Experience

In every Egis tolling operations, our walk-in centers act as a convenient, time-efficient and secure site for customers to perform multiple transactions. Our walk-in centers provide a welcoming atmosphere. Queues are managed using an electronic numbering system, so customers can sit in our walk-in center (WIC) lounge area and continue with their personal business while waiting for their turn with a WIC Agent.

We install electronic communication boards that dynamically display important announcements, news, and updates regarding business rules; notifications; new processes; change in requirements; or more information about our products and services. We seek alternative self-service solutions, e.g., kiosks and drop-boxes, as a means for the customers who want to pay their bills and go.

We have learned – after 25-plus years starting up WICs – that customers prefer to go where they can accomplish many things quickly within one stop. As a business standard, our WICs enable customers to perform the following necessary activities:

  • Payment and Violation Processes
  • Account Set-Up and Maintenance
  • Tag/Transponder Transactions
  • Vehicle Information on Account
  • Statements or Other Correspondences
  • Customer Disputes
  • Customer Queries, Feedback and Complaints

We incorporate all necessary security devices and policies in adherence to PCI and PII Compliance standards. Our real-time solution uses a digital platform that transmits payments electronically to the clearinghouse and armored transport to secure and transport cash funds from each of the WICs to the designated bank.